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PRESALE: FeelNotes Journal

PRESALE: FeelNotes Journal

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FeelNotes, a 90 day self study and processing journal, is a curated collection of coping skills and processes the author- Jill Krause- found beneficial in therapy and beyond.

7x10 spiral bound notebook
240 pages

*Details and specifications subject to change. This product is available for pre-order and has not printed yet. It is expected to ship summer 2023.

Contents include:
A Feelings Wheel
Mental Health Medical Info Tracking 
90 Daily Reflection 2-Page Spreads
Journal Prompts
Evidence Pages: "My Intuition Was Right When" "My Brain Lied To Me About" and "My Wins"
Processing Pages (for therapy sessions or solo work)
Behavior Tracker
Relaxed Breathing Exercise & Tracker
Goal Tracking & Reward Charts
Activity, Resource & Coloring Pages

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feelClings are vinyl static clings, not stickers. These mental health affirmations stick really well to any mirror or window or similar smooth surface, but you can easily peel it off and/or move it with zero residue left behind. They would not be good for water bottles or laptops.